domingo, fevereiro 01, 2009

Gap & Pantone get colors alive

This past weekend Gap and Pantone opened up a pop-up shop on 5th Ave in the company’s ‘concept store’ space.
The shop will sell t-shirts in a range of Pantone hues. Pantone recently unveiled its pick for the 2009 color of the year called Mimosa (14-0848) Pantone describes the color as having seven characteristics, optimistic, hopeful, reassuring, warm, cheerful, radiant, and versatile which they feel are the most relevant to the next twelve months.
Gap has issued a Mimosa hued shirt that is only available at the store on 5th. Sounds like the rest of the line will show up for sale on the company’s website and other stores.If Pantone t-shirts sound familiar, yes they have been done before by Uniqlo. While Gap’s packaging might not be as eye-catching, the color of the year release is an interesting twist on the idea of seasonal releases in fashion.The shop is open now thru February 8th.Gap/PantoneAdjacent to the New York City Gap flagship store at 54th and 5th Avenue.


Blogger Bemequer said...

Um conceito "design" destinado às tribos que sabem o que é um "pantone", aliás hoje cada vez menos pessoas saberão qual o verdadeiro uno "do quadradinho de pantone..."
Mais um conceito "YOUniche", dentro da lógica de que no futuro só haverá lugar para produtos de que poucos gostam muito...!

Quanto à cor MImosa:nada melhor para espantar a CRIsE!

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