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Do you want Brilliant Idea Meetings?

Do you want Brilliant Idea Meetings?
How to Generate Ideas is a comprehensive, easy to understand guide on how to generate and evaluate ideas for any topic or challenge. It contains the techniques used in the Destination Innovation Creative Leadership workshops and much more besides. It will enable you to run creativity sessions and brainstorms that really deliver results - ideas that turn into successful innovations.

Contents include:

•How to set up the meeting: advice on preparation, environment, timing, numbers and materials
•Five Problem Analysis Methods including Fishbone, Lotus Blossom and Six Serving Men
•Twenty-three Idea Generation Techniques including Similes, Pass the Parcel, Break the Rules, Roll the Dice and What If?
•Seven Idea Evaluation Techniques including Triage, Payoff Matrix and Six Thinking Hats
This ebook will give you the tools, techniques and tips to make your next creative thinking session into a powerhouse of ideas. It will show you how to set the stage and how to analyse problems so that you are focused on the key issues. It goes on to show how to generate creative and original ideas and how to evaluate those ideas to select the best ones to carry forward. This easy to read instruction set will put you on the path to stimulating, productive and motivational team workshops to drive innovation in your organization.

'A good reference for innovation. easy logic flow and straight to the point of the techniques.' Elio Leoni-Sceti - VP Marketing, Reckitt Benckiser.

'It downloaded perfectly and is great. I'm always looking for new and effective ways of running brainstorms and there are several in here I hadn't heard of before.' Sarah Donnegan, Director, Sixth Sense
This ebook is ideal for:

•Managers who want to run high-energy, stimulating and productive creativity sessions.
•Trainers and facilitators who want to energize their workshops.
•Anyone who wants to unlock the creative potential of their team.
Now you can make replace dull and ineffective brainstorm meetings with sessions that are fun and successful. With How to Generate Ideas your meetings will have high energy, stimulating methods, a fountain of ideas, an effective selection process and great results that you can implement straight away.

Here are some comments from clients who have been on the workshops using these techniques:

Thank you for a stimulating and energizing day. We came away with some valuable techniques and specifics we can take forward. Essex County Council

We launched an idea that came from the workshop. The new business generated is outweighing the cost. The awareness raised has been great, so thumbs up to your techniques. AA

A thoroughly enjoyable day that stretched my thinking and gave me practical tools to transfer to the workplace. Nationwide Building Society

A very enjoyable and stimulating day. French Thornton

Excellent, thought-provoking, short course. Halma

How to Generate Ideas is on special offer. Download it now! If you are not delighted with the results we will give you a full refund within 30 days.