sexta-feira, novembro 28, 2008

Toda a Comunicação é Relacional

Onde o modelo de comunicação standard (modelo de comunicação unidireccional) falha é no facto de não reconhecer que a verdadeira comunicação é diálogo:

“I say something to you, you say something back. You may say it only to your self, like when you read a magazine ad, but your brain is nevertheless an indispensable component of the total communication system. You respond by buying the advertising brand, or by mentally storing the information for future use, or by simply turning the page. With the standard communication model, the sender doesn’t know- and seemingly doesn’t care – how the receiver actually responded.”
[Marty Neumeier – “The brand gap”] pag. 101

“Companies need feedback. Feedback turns communication in to something more like a theatre performance than a magazine audience. If we’re dying on stage, the audience let us know. The feedback is immediate and unambiguous, which lets us make appropriate changes before the next performance.”
[Marty Neumeier – “The brand gap”] pag. 102